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10 Digital Tools Every Artist Should Have in their Studio Kit Today!

Today's artists need a much broader set of tools than just paints and brushes. For the traditional artist, for whom selling artwork has become not just a hobby but a primary source of income, the work continues behind the scenes of the art studio.

The art studio is no longer consists solely of physical tools and does not end with the completion of canvases, contrary to what most might think.
10 Digital Tools Every Artist Should Have in their Studio Kit Today!
Behind the scenes, artists continue to work tirelessly online to bring their art to the world and ensure their creations find their admirers.
Nowadays, there are numerous online tools that can simplify tasks and save time. There's a wealth of online platforms where one can showcase their works. However, the process of formatting, creating descriptions, planning, etc., takes considerable time.
In this article, we will explore 10 online tools that can help ease these processes. We'll discuss which services are best to use, how to make your works more noticeable online, and how this can help you find new fans or even buyers.
If you're looking to enhance your toolkit or searching for specialized software or apps to improve the presentation of your work and streamline operational processes, here you'll find recommendations on selecting and using modern online tools for artists that will be of great help.
Digital tools for traditional artists
10 Digital Tools Every Artist Should Have in their Studio Kit Today!
Improving the description, enhancing the quality, and adopting a fresh approach for presentation are just a few examples of how various apps can be beneficial for you as an artist. From simple image editors to more sophisticated programs for creating virtual galleries, the range of tools available can significantly impact your work.
In our article, we highlight essential yet fundamental tools that artists should always keep at their fingertips. These tools not only help improve the appearance of your work online but also enable you to speed up online routine processes, saving your time for creativity.
These tools will not only help improve the appearance of your works online but also allow you to speed up online routine processes, saving your time for creativity.
1. ChatGPT
To save time or overcome the fear of a blank page, when creating captions and content for social networks, emails, and other online publications, ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence-based tools can become your best ally as an artist or art business. By using proven prompts, you can generate content, such as image descriptions for Instagram or newsletters for artists.
For instance, you could use prompts like: "Suggest ten intriguing ideas for an email promoting a new online exhibition titled 'Interwoven Abstractions'."  or
"Write a caption for a (social media platform) post of (number of characters) about (topic), targeted at (audience type or field)."
For more useful information, follow the link below:
List of Prompts for Traditional Artists. How can artists use ChatGPT and AI technology to promote their work and save time
10 Digital Tools Every Artist Should Have in their Studio Kit Today!
This guide aims to streamline your content creation process, allowing more time for your art while maintaining an engaging and professional online presence. Whether you're promoting a new series, engaging with your audience, or sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of your creative process, these AI tools can help enhance your digital communication strategy.
2. QR Code Generator
A QR code is an excellent tool for quickly redirecting visitors, users, and anyone who interacts with your work to a specific website or social media profile. Generating one requires just a few clicks, and this can be facilitated by services like "Free QR Code Generator."
For example, you could place a QR code beneath your artwork at an exhibition booth, linking it to the product page on your website. There, visitors can find additional information, which could facilitate sales and ensure your work doesn't get overlooked.
Incorporating a QR code into your art displays or promotional materials can bridge the gap between physical and digital spaces, making it easier for your audience to connect with you and your art in a more interactive and immediate way. This method not only enhances the viewer's experience but also leverages modern technology to enrich the art-buying process.
3. Social Media Posting Scheduler
10 Digital Tools Every Artist Should Have in their Studio Kit Today!
Developing a content strategy can be the most challenging part. More on this will be shared in our upcoming publications. Once you have your materials prepared, it's crucial to stick to a schedule and systematically publish these materials to interact with your audience and prompt them to take specific actions.
Schedulers save time and resources. They allow you to upload content (images, videos, text) and publish it on your chosen day and time. The market offers tools for every taste. Meta provides its own scheduler for Facebook and Instagram postings. However, this platform might not be appealing or convenient for everyone to use.
Below is a list of convenient and popular schedulers for social networks. Since most existing ones are paid, we have compiled a list that includes free or offers a free version
4 Free Tools for Social Media Post Planning in 2024:
1. Vista Social -  A free content planner for social networks where you can quickly prepare designs, schedule, and share across different channels and groups, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.
2. Buffer - The free version includes a landing page builder and artificial intelligence assistance.
3. Plann - Allows scheduling publications across multiple social networks. The Free Forever plan supports one user with one Instagram account.
4. Zoho Social - More than just a scheduler, this service can predict the optimal time for publication, provides detailed analytics about your audience, and much more.
Such tools enable the systematization and automation of publishing processes, freeing up time for creativity and other important tasks. They also help ensure ongoing interaction with your audience, maintaining their interest and engagement.
4. Room Mockup Generator
Showcasing your artwork in a modern and creative way can also give potential collectors a better sense of how your pieces interact with space. This tool allows you to create visualizations that show how a work can look in an interior, helping the potential buyer to visualize the real image and easing the imagination of how art can fit into their home environment. For example:
Canvy - offers the ability to fully customize the interior to your style and preferences.
Placeit - allows you to quickly create mockups that perfectly reflect your vision, without the need for special design skills.
For more details on room layout generators, refer to the article at the link below:
Present Your Art Like a Pro. What is Mockup. A Complete Guide to Using Free Mockups for Your Artworks
10 Digital Tools Every Artist Should Have in their Studio Kit Today!
These tools can significantly enhance the presentation of your artwork, providing a more engaging and realistic view of how your art can complement a living space. This can be particularly useful for online galleries, portfolio websites, or social media platforms where you want to give your audience a context for how your work enhances an environment.
5. Resize Images Without Losing Quality
If you've encountered the issue of having a photo that's too large for an online platform's upload size limit, there are tools available that can quickly reduce the size of an image without sacrificing quality. Maintaining the details and clarity of your artwork is crucial for its online presentation or sale. Here are a few online tools for resizing images:
1. Simple Image Resizer
2. TinyPNG
3. Iloveimage
4. PicResize
These tools are invaluable for artists and photographers who need to adapt their work for various online platforms, ensuring their artwork remains visually appealing across different digital spaces.
6. Background Remover
If you work with sculptures or artworks that have a voluminous or irregular shape, removing the background from the photograph can be essential for proper presentation. In such cases, there are partially free tools for background removal like, which are well-equipped to handle this task.
Especially useful when you need to add an object with a 3D-like appearance or a sculpture to a virtual exhibition or integrate it into an interior setting. Using such services allows you to easily separate the art piece from an unwanted background, highlighting its uniqueness and details without unnecessary elements. This not only improves the visual perception of your work but also makes it more attractive to potential buyers or visitors of a virtual gallery.
7. Social Media Post Generators
Creating a visual identity and style on social media is facilitated by content generators, which offer ready-made templates for stories, images, and carousels on social networks. Here are a few notable tools:
1. Unfold - helps create stories based on pre-made templates, including trends, animations, and galleries. This tool is particularly useful for those looking to maintain a consistent aesthetic or branding across their social media stories.
2. Simplified - this AI-based tool enables users to create videos, images, infographics, blog posts, video scripts, and captions for social media. It's a comprehensive tool that caters to a wide range of content creation needs.
3. Story Lab - a service for designing stories and posts that allows you to work with both photos and videos. It offers a variety of templates and design elements, making it easy to create eye-catching and professional-looking social media content.
8. Bio-Link Tools
In social networks such as Instagram, it's not possible to add multiple links directly in your profile or posts. This is where a tool like comes in handy. Linktree allows you to compile multiple links into one main link. This can include links to your website, online exhibitions, reviews of your work, or new blog posts that you want to share.
By using Linktree, you can create a single, organized link hub that you can place in your social media profiles. This makes it easier for your followers to find all your important links in one place, enhancing their user experience and ensuring they can easily access all your content, from your latest portfolio pieces to your contact information.
9. Mobile Image Editors
For image editing, the most popular and highly recommended by users are: Lightroom, VSCO, Adobe Lightroom CC.
These mobile editors are ideal for artists and photographers who need to edit on the go, allowing for professional-grade photo adjustments directly from their mobile device.
10. Online Platforms for Creating Virtual Exhibitions
In the contemporary art world, the emotional experience and interaction that an artist offers to potential collectors and art enthusiasts are of great importance. Creating an online exhibition is an excellent way to showcase your works and organize an event around them. It not only allows artists to present their creations to a broad audience without geographical limitations but also enables viewers to experience a unique virtual journey.
For instance:
ArtPlacer - provides tools for setting up exhibitions and online galleries, accommodating various types of art, from painting to sculpture.
Visual Art Gallery - offers resources for creating immersive online gallery experiences, enabling artists to display their work in a virtual space.
These platforms allow you to create captivating virtual spaces where visitors can browse and interact with art objects in an interactive mode, enhancing the overall experience and accessibility of art in the digital age.
At, we continuously update and moderate our articles to ensure the relevance and usefulness of the information for our audience. We value the feedback and wishes of our audience and are always ready to consider your ideas for improvement, to make our resource even more valuable and helpful for artists. We strive to be not only a place for commercial success but also a source of inspiration and support for artists who seek to develop their talent and share their vision with the world.


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