The illustration by the novel

published on Jul 16, 10

Black and white ink on a tinted paper, drafting pen The ivy is the symbol of the death, (the ancient Greeks have planted it on graves) is pointing to the grate near the ground, but, maybe, it’s the grating of a prison, which later they will get into. The tower of Saint-Germain-de-Pres on background – is the symbol of the spiritual perfection and, at the same time, of the loneliness, because a man, who is living in a tower, is between heaven and ground, - he is already not belong to people, whose living on earth, but not reach the heaven wisdom yet. The night watch, the masters of life, surround them, they are stymied, and there is no way from this pass – all what should to be happen, is became. Everything is against them – people, earth, and architecture, they are the outcasts of the nature and society, and only the sky empathize with them The church Saint-Germain-de-Pres attests to the particular scene of action, Paris, and as the writer describes the present stage far away from the central part of the city, and I can’t, even for the symbolism, depict the cathedral on background.

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