published on Jan 03, 24

Painting on canvas, stretched on handmade wooden stretcher. This work is ready to hang. The image of the man is collective and depends on many factors. The work is built on contrasts. The contrast is tactile and visual as well as emotional. The image of my sitter breaks down the boundaries of race, gender and time. His nudity can seem defenseless, and at the same time have powerful power. The subject matter of the work arises more from an emotional jolt, the whole process of formation is subordinate to the initial feeling. The influence of color complements the psycho-physiological reality. Here the color has its own mass, giving value to the composition in addition to the lines. The smoothness of the subtle curves, the strong honed shapes, the angle of the inclination cause a storm of conscious and uncontrollable impulses, taking us back to the beginning of time, awakening the basic instincts. The symbiosis of the perfection of the human body and the triumph of color in the image of male nature. We have the ability to read things, to read everything in what we understand.

Tags: painting


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