Yacht at sunset.

Yacht at sunset. Yacht at sunset. Modern painting painting \"yacht at sunset\" 2009 marinistika (Black Sea). Illustrator, writer, publisher Alex Vetrof, lives and works in Odessa. (The artist-illustrator, Alik Vetrof works in the style of abstraction, marinistka, nude). Job Description: The white sail emphasize high slender mast, leaning slightly bending strength of the wind, rushes forward beautiful yacht. Body like a bright berry in the faint sky, the evening sea. In expressive abstraction of the artist Alex Vetrof everyone sees their perception of the beautiful masterpiece of art. Some people work \"yacht at sunset, like a waterfall, with its foaming water element. Authors paste-like cycle of paintings devoted to the marine theme, made in European style. Vetrof the only artist in the Ukraine working in such a distinctive style. His work is so unique and memorable audience. Images of paintings are not thinking the audience is immersed, and after seeing an example of this brilliant work experience \"yacht at sunset.\" Dimensional image yachts, amid the sea, wavy surface, performed by the author on sacking nakleynoy on hardboard. The size of the picture emphasizes the harmony of the floating object. Sail is reflected not only in the waters of the Black Sea, but also in the sky, floating clouds, playing the dominant hue. Orange sunset senechnogo day envelops not only the boat and all the sea with the sky. Ease stroke conveys a playful mood of the artist with his rich floral world - inner beauty Alex Vetrof not leave indifferent spectator. Splash of sea waves, the very nature of the artist mastahinom Vetrof. Seascape genre painting marinistika (Black Sea). Paintings featuring maritime themes, canvas signed by the author. Oil on canvas, size 50x100 cm The painting was created in November-December 2009. Painting artist Alex Vetrof stored on the territory of Ukraine, in Odessa in the exhibition salon. Paintings on display at the auction - free sale. Price: 5000eur. Buy now artist in Odessa. Artwork available on request art dealers. Delivery: can be sent by arrangement. Order now possible to issue
Yacht at sunset.
Тимофеева Наталия
Пьянов Денис
Козуль Наталья
12/29/2009, 2:30:27 PM
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