Oil painting "Love"

published on Nov 18, 21

Original works can be delivered quickly. ▶ If this original painting has been sold, your painting will be created very similar in the same style, colors, you will receive the same quality and beauty of the painting as what you see in the pictures. ▶ Since all of our paintings are handcrafted and often custom made, minor or minor changes may occur in your painting. Your painting may not match the image you ordered. It will be much the same, but not quite the same. What I can promise is the quality of our work that we do and it will be a beautiful painting as you expect. ▶ In the process of creating a painting, we will show you photos and videos with your drawing. You will be able to express all your wishes, for example, about colors and shades, and we will make all the necessary changes. Only when you are completely satisfied with your picture will we send it to you!