oil, brush, palette knife
This summer I had to work a lot in an open area under the scorching sun. It was so hot that we had to take a siesta break at noon. All thoughts were about one thing: to plunge into the water. I hope to evoke memories of the past summer, hot atmosphere and cool sea in the viewer. Made on canvas stretched on a stretcher in 2021. 100% handmade. Stretcher size: 80x60 cm. Technique: oil, brush, palette knife. Author: Alec Gross. The painter's paintings are kept in private collections and galleries in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, the USA and other countries. Real colors, their brightness, saturation, contrast may differ from those shown in the photo due to color errors, differences in lighting, glare from light sources, reflexes from surrounding objects. Achievements of the artist: 1. Pictures of the day at the Artclub: 1) "Lunar Metamorphosis" - 11/14/2017; 2) "On the eve" - ​​12/17/2020: https://alekgross.in.gallerix.ru/awards/?aw=kd 2. First place in the art competition - "Game of Thrones" 15.11.2018: https://www.neizvestniy-geniy.ru/users/79752.html 3. Audience Award in the art competition - "Spring freshness" 04/15/2020. How the author works: https://youtu.be/Yjl2aUA0xSM
Рубина Людмила
Коряков Игорь
Лайферова Яна
9/28/2021, 7:31:12 PM
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