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Enze N. Foigt is a well-known poetess of Kazan, a member of the Russian Union of Writers, the author of books in Tatar and Russian, including: "Fascinating cat chitlek kirekmi" and "Mirror of the Soul", a translator from Bashkir into Russian. Since 2015 he has been published in various literary magazines, including Idel and Syuyumbike. Nominee for the Sergei Yesenin Literary Prize "My Russia", (Sergei Yesenin Medal) 2020; nominee for the literary prize "St. George Ribbon. 75 Years of Victory" (medal of the same name) 2021 Enze Foigt has been my faithful creative companion in various literary and artistic projects since the spring of 2018. Our main art project is "Poetry-Painting". Enze is my co-author and initiator of the first book in the history of the world dedicated to this direction in art. Our book "Poetry-painting. Шигъри-сынлы сәнгать" was published in 2021 by the State Tatar Book Publishing House, which is one of the most advanced in Russia. The Poetic Painting project is unique, because for the first time in the history of literature and art, the creative tandem of a poet and an artist was embodied in a large-scale book. The reviewers of the publication write about the innovation of this movement in art: Zufar Galeev (Associate Professor, Candidate of Political Sciences, Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Pedagogical Education), as well as Lenar Shaeh (poet, Candidate of Philology, Laureate of the Musa Jalil Prize). The book is called "Poetry Painting" in memory of the multilingual Moscow polyglot poet Willie Melnikov, who in 2007 first introduced this term by writing several poems based on my paintings. The global, international cycle "Poetry-Painting" was created by Enze Foigt in two languages ​​- Russian and Tatar. The book was preceded by a large-scale three-year work of Enze Foigt with my paintings, executed in the style of ornamentalism that I had created. The two-hundred-page full-color edition "Poetry-Painting. Шигъри-сынлы сәнгать" is made in hardcover and includes 91 paintings of mine, for each of which Enze wrote unique poetry, distinguished by a unique style of versification, which has no analogues in the world. In my paintings, she read signs, symbols, encrypted in the patterns of the plots. Many of the issues are endowed with the quality of foresight and have already been implemented in reality.
Poetess Enze Foigt
Бухина Майя
Гринберг (харчикова) Татьяна
Кравченко Емілія
6/22/2021, 5:35:34 AM

Мої вітання, Олексію! Дуже рада за Вас. Ваші картини надзвичайні і вони будуть пошановани в усьому світі.💐💐🤝

6/25/2021, 7:24:02 AM

Емілія, дякую Вам від щирого серця за високу оцінку моїх робіт! Дуже дякую, що заходьте до мене на сторінку! Із захопленням до вашої творчості! Бажаю Вам успіхів у всіх сферах діяльності та хай натхнення завжди супроводжує Вас!🤝💐💐💐

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