Reflections of a tiger

published on Sep 21, 20

Canvas, oil We love animals very much! When you draw them, you turn into these wonderful creatures and begin to understand and feel their souls. The tiger (Panthera tigris) is a predator of the mammalian class, such as chordates, predatory order, feline family, panther genus, big cat subfamily. It got its name from the ancient Persian word tigri, which means "sharp, fast", and from the ancient Greek word "arrow". The tiger is the largest and heaviest member of the feline family. The males of some tigers are 3 meters long and weigh over 300 kg. Tigers are listed in the Red Book, and hunting for these animals is prohibited. The tiger owes its exceptional beauty to the dark brown or completely black stripes located all over its body. The tiger stripes have characteristic pointed ends, sometimes bifurcate, then rejoin. Usually an animal has more than 100 stripes. The long tail, covered with rings of stripes, is always black at the end. The tiger stripes are uniquely located, like a human fingerprint, and serve as an excellent camouflage for the animal.