Near the Oreli river

published on Sep 03, 20

Canvas, oil Vladimir Makarovich Padun (1942-2016) A very famous Ukrainian artist and my father. His works are rich, colorful, intertwined with deep subtext, reflecting the same vivid nature of the artist, his endless love for nature and homeland. An unusual person with an extraordinary outlook, similar to a sage (magician), he looked at things through the eyes of a scientist - he studied and remembered everything: "from young to old." Without lifting the phone, he traveled for months through the villages and steppes, collecting the achievements of Ukrainian culture (towels, jugs, paintings, household items, clothes ...) in his collection. Exploring the world around him, the artist not only saw the finished external beauty, he looked at the structure of the internal, internal form, which is why there is a special kind of writing style in his paintings. Most of all, the artist loved freedom, so his entire creative path lay through self-knowledge and his own discoveries in the field of not only painting, but also the perception of his personal world. Padun invented all his finds and unusual techniques for himself, based on his own experience and unique vision. And he constantly shared them with the world. Being sociable and open to him in nature, it was important to transfer this knowledge to others so that people could see and understand the world around them from the artistic side.