Evening Zagrava Richka Suhi Ya

published on Sep 02, 20

Canvas, oil Padun Vladimir Makarovich (June 25, 1942, village of Plavny, Zaporizhzhya region - September 21, 2016 Dnepr, Dnipropetrovsk region) - Ukrainian artist - painter, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine . During his life, he managed to significantly change the views of his contemporaries on art, to instill in them new feelings, to show from the inside all the beauty of the world around us. His works are rich, colorful, thoroughly intertwined with deep subtext, reflecting the same vivid nature of the artist, his endless love for nature and homeland. An unusual person with an extraordinary worldview, was likened to the opinion of a sage (magician), he looked at things through the eyes of a scientist - studying and remembering everything “from small to large”. Without releasing the flute, he traveled for months to villages and steppes, collecting in his collection the achievements of Ukrainian culture (towels, jugs, murals, household items, clothes ...) Exploring the world around him, the artist did not just see the finished external beauty, he peered at and structure, internal form, from this in his paintings there is a special peculiar style of writing. Most of all, the artist loved freedom, so his entire career lay through self-knowledge and his own discoveries in the field of not only painting, but also his personal worldview. Padun invented all his conclusions and unusual performance techniques for himself, relying on his own experience and unique vision. And he constantly shared them with the world. Having brought up more than one generation of students and wrote more than a dozen works of V.M. Padun made an immortal contribution to Ukrainian culture. His contribution will be reflected in our history not only now, but also years later, when one generation changes another - and the knowledge that was planted by him - will sprout and will give more and more fruits.