Canvas, oil
Painting from the series "Natural Elements in Women's States". ⠀ This is the "Woman-Universe", her element is air. ⠀ Such a woman is confident and free. Independent and courageous. Self-reliant and cold-blooded. She bears the image of the wise Queen. She sees and understands a lot, as if more than others. Knows how to plan. She treats herself and others with dignity, no matter how high she stands. The "Universe" guides and inspires men. Arouses the desire to conquer. ⠀ In the picture you can see "glass" shades, wise and bewitching cold eyes. The woman is wearing a veil, opening which, we see the stars of the Universe. She is very smart, full of secrets and intrigues.
Universe Woman
8/19/2020, 2:49:45 PM
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