Cossacks under mallow

published on Jul 26, 20

He painted this picture at the Oktyabr state farm in the Donetsk region, we were visiting grandpa. Dad saw gorgeous hollyhocks near the neighbors' house and for a long time began to draw. The people around, of course, admired everything that was happening. Considering that for the first time in their lives they all watched the process of creating a picture live. And at the end of the painting, the mistress of the mallow ran over to daddy to sell her this painting. He resisted for a long time and explained that he did not sell his paintings. In general, the woman freaked out and defiantly in front of everyone, swearing abusively, destroyed her flowers and tried to destroy the picture. Dad and the people around, of course, was shocked by such vandalism. This is how the steps of recognition of his talent began noisily.

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