"The elephant going to the su

oil, palette knife
The painting was done on a primed canvas, professional oil paints that are well preserved are used in the work. Painting without varnish. *palette knife *oil * canvas 100 * 70cm The painting depicts an elephant with a mandala (the sacred charm programs for success and luck in all endeavors), going to the sun, in the trunk he has a flower of victories and success, in the background you can see the shadow of the departing past from one side, from the other side rays of sunlight are visible appearing with sunrise. With this picture, the author wanted to say that there is nothing impossible in the world, life is beautiful and there is a place for a miracle in it! The picture looks good in any room: the living room, hallway, also due to its eastern origin, will harmonize perfectly in ethnic cafes, restaurants, lounge bars.
"The elephant going to the su
Слободинская Вера
Черненко Андрей
2/2/2020, 12:17:27 PM
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