sunset by the ocean

acrylic canvas
2017 Thailand about. Elephants - Ukraine Kiev 120/80 cm. Acrylic, fluorescent acrylic - marker, canvas. Sunset by the ocean. In the early morning we went on a trip to the island of elephants. Our road took about six hours - bus - ferry - scooter. Then we got to the most fabulous place. Magic happened in everything, as between us. At one point, I became just myself - a little fragile girl who loves the sunset, in the water - we went to the beach, after sunset the full moon came to replace - the sky seemed to unfold before us, whispering our story.
sunset by the ocean
Майфат Надежда
Малышева Снежана
Паливода Юлия
12/6/2019, 12:37:10 PM
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