Brothers Strugatsky "Picnic on

published on Mar 06, 18

Canvas, oil The painting "The Strugatsky Brothers "Picnic on the Roadside" is devoted to the fantastic story of the Strugatsky Brothers "Picnic on the Roadside ", namely the final scene, when Redrick Schuhart took Arthur (the son of the Vulture) and went to the" Zone" to the Ball of Wishes. In the foreground of the picture, I arranged the image of Red. Next - Arthur, who comes first to the Ball and says his desire: "HAPPINESS FOR EVERYBODY, FREE, AND LET NOBODY WILL LEAVE THE SENIOR!" At this moment Arthur breaks away from the earth and hangs in the air, not knowing what will happen to him in a moment. This is known to Red, so he turned away from this scene and smokes in anticipation of its end, so that then calmly go up to the Ball and make your secret desire. Near the Ball is an excavator, buried in its bucket in a white, cracked clay. In the background are the crowns of trees.

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