Week 1
12/10/2021, 10:00:00 AM

The kickoff week was quite hard for the new site, but a lot of work has been done.

I remind you that you can influence the priorities of site development. To do this, add new ideas, as well as vote for existing ones. They are sorted according to the number of votes.

New functionality:

  • Now you can delete your work (if you open your work, there is a pencil on top of the title, inside there will be editing and a red "delete" button)
  • The author's rating by sections appeared on the author's page

List of fixed bugs:

  • In some browsers, when scrolling, new works were not loaded
  • Some links led to another language
  • Voting did not work and the list of voters was not displayed correctly
  • Loading images gave the same picture (for the first time loaded) no matter how many times and what you load
  • Fixed many minor minor bugs

Known issues (pending to be fixed):

  • Some users report problems with authorization on the site (note that in the first field you now need to use your email instead of your login)
  • When adding a new work, if you immediately open it, it is displayed without content (after reloading the page, everything is in place)
  • Some older browsers do not support the webp format. For them, we will additionally convert pictures to jpg
  • The "back to gallery" button does not always lead to the right place

With Best Wishes, Stepan, arts.center