is now
12/7/2021, 10:00:00 AM

After many years of development, I would like to present you with a new beta version of - The site was created completely from scratch in order to make it flexible, modern, and ready for further rapid development.

The main purpose of the updated site will be real sales of your work to the Western market. That is why the site was originally created as multilingual. At the start of the beta, these are Russian, Ukrainian, and English, new languages ​​will be added over time.

At the moment, this is a closed beta. All old users of the site can log in with their email and password from Registration of new people is still closed. Most of the data were transferred from the old site, something was lost along the way (for example, if a person had several accounts, only one was transferred).

If your data just turned out to be among the lost, do not worry, all the data of the old site is saved. Write to me and we will fix the situation.

You will notice that the functionality is also not 1 in 1 as on the old site. Something has not yet been done, something is not planned.

Of the new sections, we immediately have a section of ideas for improving the site that will be discussed there, it will be possible to vote for them to raise them higher in the list.

Adding work has also undergone a complete overhaul. Simple and advanced forms are available. In the advanced one, it will be possible to control the design of the work in great detail, change the sequence of blocks. Soon I will add the ability to embed video there.

The site is also now convenient on mobile devices.

I hope you enjoy it and in any case, the work does not end there and we return to the time when the site was constantly changing and developing. Feel free to talk about any problems or suggestions.

The old version of the site will still be available for some time, after which it will automatically redirect from the old domain to the new site.

With Best Wishes, Stepan,