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Hello, I'm Iryna Leonova-Nagieva, I am an artist. I live and work in Kyiv. I'm an active member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. I studied in the studio of the Kyiv painter Mazur Vasyl Fedorovych (I have no professional education). I write mainly in the style of impressionism. I create my works mainly with oil paints on canvas. I also work with acrylic, watercolor, mixed techniques, and the basis for the painting can be various surfaces, including and walls. My works are landscapes, still lifes, seascapes, cityscapes, abstraction. I am inspired by nature, plants, they are reflected in my works. I have been creative since childhood, but painting became my main profession in 2013. I am a regular participant in all-Ukrainian exhibitions of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, as well as exhibitions organized by various public organizations, including with the support of the embassies of various countries. My works were exhibited. I participated in the "Talent energy fest" contest (12.2016 - 01.2017), won 1st place in the "Landscape" nomination with the work "Sviatohirska Lavra". Had a personal exhibition in Kyiv Hesed January 2020. My works were exhibited in the Kyiv History Museum (December 2019), the Slovak National Museum of Ukrainian Culture (Slovakia, Svidnyk, September-November 2019), in the I. Kavaleridze Museum as part of the "Talent energy fest" exhibition (December 2016-January 2017), in the Turkish Cultural Center (Kyiv, Pushkinska St., February 2020), in the Consulate of Slovakia in Kharkiv (August 2019), in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Kyiv, June 2019), in Latvian Embassy (Kyiv, March 2018).